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Famex Day Care

Our children are growing up in a rapidly changing world and are faced with new and complex social situations every day.

Independence, social competence and self-confidence are important for our children and cannot be promoted early enough.

In the day care the children learn creative and social skills. They are given the opportunity to develop in the protected environment of the group.

In the group the children are encouraged to put their thoughts and ideas into words. Their capacity for thought, as well as their imagination and creativeness are given opportunity for development. Each child is seen as an individual. Mutual respect and acceptance, the capacity to adjust to new situations and a positive approach in solving conflicts are some of the important skills that will be nurtured.

In free-play sessions, the children are given the opportunity to choose with whom and with what they wish to play. From time to time, specific activity projects will be carried out in small groups.

The circle promotes social interaction, gives the children the opportunity to make contact with each other and fosters the spirit of community.

Specific activities based around topical themes provide impulses and ideas aimed at developing important skills and capabilities.

Qualified nursery personnel look after a group consisting usually of 8 children of mixed ages from 3 months to 6 years. They are responsible for the group and are assisted by a trainee.

We can accept children from 3 months old. A minimum of 30% attendance is required.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday from 7.00 to 18.30 
Children can not be brought or collected between 9.00 and 11.00 and 14.00 and 16.30