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  • Kita Balena  Samstag, 2.5.20 "Brunch"  abgesagt !
  • Kita Topolina  Samstag,16.5.20 "Brunch" abgesagt !
  • Kita Tartaruga  
  • Kita Coccodrillo Samstag, 28.3.20 "Osterbrunch" abgesagt !

Famex - The Company

The aim of Famex Inc. is to supplement on a private basis any incomplete offer in the area of family external care of children. This covers in particular the operating of private nurseries and daycare centers, setting up childcare possibilities for companies, public institutions, hospitals, etc.; organizing lunch tables; taking care of sick children at their homes; etc.

Providing specialized and qualified staff is a matter of course in all Famex institutions, also the close cooperation with the Cantonal Youth Welfare Department of Berne.

Since the establishment of the Famex AG and its entry in the trade register in 1996, four Famex child care units are successfully in operation in Berne and its neighbourhood:

  • Kita Tartaruga located at Mittelstrasse in the Länggass district offers place for three groups of mixed ages.
  • Kita Topolina is located at Gutenbergstrasse in the Mattenhof/Monbijou district. In our largest day care center we take care of children in five groups of mixed ages.
  • Kita Coccodrillo at Turnweg in the Lorraine/Breitenrain district offers place for three groups of mixed ages.
  • Kita Balena in Liebefeld district also offers place for three groups of mixed ages.

Of course all our daycare units have an operating permit from the Cantonal Youth Welfare Department Berne and are inspected regularly. All our centers are acknowledged by the Swiss Association of Childcare and are qualified for training of educators for small children.

Management and administration

Managing Director:
Mrs Marisa Pellanda
Tel. 031 305 21 00
Mr Thomas Gassmann
Tel. 031 305 21 00 
Waiting List:
Mrs Tina Pfluger
Tel. 031 305 21 03


Address of Famex AG: Mittelstrasse 23  3012 Bern